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P.A.T. Installations was an IKEA Recommended Installation company. 

What changed?

Is your IKEA Kitchen Installation project outside our service area?

No problem! Contact Us to see if we can offer our Kitchen Installation Services.

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​Our familiarity with the Ikea Kitchen product combined with our efficient installation process makes us the only choice when it comes to Ikea kitchen design and installation.   

Our knowledge comes from years of experience and training in the many different aspects of kitchen design and installation.  Because we saw a need for a competent, knowledgeable installer when it comes to the Ikea product, we focused our attention on the Ikea kitchen cabinets and products to offer the homeowner the service that was sorely lacking.

​Let us give you the Kitchen your dreaming about.

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Patrick Solomine



P.A.T. Installations L.L.C.


​Founded: 2006

​Owners: Patrick & Shelly Solomine

​Certifications: ​Kitchen Installer 

As of 2017 P.A.T. Installations has met IKEA compliance guidelines for IKEA vendors.


Areas of expertise:  IKEA Kitchen Design, IKEA Kitchen Installation. Over 20 years in the Kitchen Installation/Remodeling Business

Dreaming of a new IKEA Kitchen?  You need an IKEA Kitchen Installer.

IKEA Kitchen Design Consultation


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​Who is P.A.T. Installations LLC?

We are a small Connecticut based owner operated business, that provided IKEA kitchen cabinet installations for IKEA New Haven customers for over 15 years. We have established and maintained a sterling reputation with store management and personnel during the years of our being a recommended IKEA Kitchen Installer. 

P.A.T. Installations has served for years as an IKEA New Haven recommended IKEA Kitchen Installer.  

The current business model at IKEA New Haven favors the recommendation of larger regional companies that service multiple stores in multiple states, so for the time being, you may not be given our business card or information at the New Haven Connecticut IKEA store. But as of 2017 P.A.T. Installations has met IKEA Compliance guidelines for IKEA vendors. 

Why choose P.A.T. Installations as your IKEA Kitchen cabinet installer?

We are proud of our decision to remain a smaller local business because it allows us to focus on quality and customer satisfaction versus volume.

Send us your design for a no obligation estimate.  

​​Company Profile

Proudly Servicing All Counties in Connecticut 


Have an IKEA Kitchen Installation project?  Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you

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Did you know that you do not need to hire a recommended IKEA Kitchen installer in order to be protected by their 25 year cabinet warranty?

You have the freedom to decide who to build your kitchen project with.

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PAT Installations   Kitchen Installer

Certified, Licensed & Insured.    Specializing in IKEA Kitchen Cabinetry

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*P. A. T. Installations is an independent contractor business.  Offering, professional assembly and installation of your IKEA kitchen cabinetry. Other services available are professional kitchen design & consultations.  Specializing in IKEA Kitchen cabinetry.  IKEA is not responsible for any claims made on this website